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  • Kiyotoshi Inenaga
    Associate professor
  • Shuichi Nakamura
  • Eiko Honda
  • Kentaro Ono
  • Masumi Tujisawa
    Post graduate
  • Nao Sato
    Post graduate
  • Hiroko Inoue
  • physiol@kyu-dent.ac.jp Achievements
    2-6-1 Manazuru Kokurakkita-ku Kitakyushu Fukuoka, Japan 803-8580
    TEL:+81-93-582-1131(6632) FAX:+81-93-582-8288


    We have had tow studies.

    One of them is the study of body fluid balance by central nervous system. When we feel thirsty, we usually want to drink water. Water intake is necessary for a land animals to stay alive. If this physiological system is damaged by some disorder, health will break down. We have now studied about (1)the salivary secretion and thirst, (2)the central controls of drinking behavior and (3)the central nervous system in body fluid balance.
    Another is the international dental health promotion. We analyze the oral physiological characters and the oral health care of Asian people (particularly, Nepal).

    Our experimental approaches